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Our Guarantee

With all the craziness going on, we're dedicated to getting more individuals out there to help. Helping you pass your exam is the method that we've chosen to be of assistance. If for some reason (Goodness forbid) you get your exam results and you find out that you didn't pass your exam (you had a bad hair day, feeling blaw when you took the exam, kids were sick and kept you up all night, significant other lost job) let us know. We can help.


We will give you a SECOND SUBSCRIPTION to the site for FREE to help you prepare to take the exam a SECOND time. It's our way of helping you continue to study without the financial burden you would otherwise have to pay to study again. The next time around you WILL be better prepared knowing what to expect from the exam. I try to tell everybody to study for 3 to 4 months before the exam at least 2 hours a day; many say they have heard from others that studying a week or two is enough to prepare - that's just wrong!!


Here's how it works. e-mail us THE DAY BEFORE you want to be put back online to start studying again. Unlike other study programs, you don't have to send us a copy of your study hours or proof you didn't pass the exam (who would study for this exam just for fun??) All you need to do is e-mail us THE DAY BEFORE you want to be back online with the following information:

1. Username
2. Password
3. What exam you are taking
4. How long your subscription was for
5. First and last name
6. How you paid for the subscription, PayPal, (AM, MC, VISA)*

* DO NOT Include your Credit Card Number!


If I had to take the exam again time, I would want to go over everything RIGHT AWAY after taking the exam. Also getting out your old notes and textbooks will jog your memory. Then take a few days, maybe a week, get it out of your system and let go of all those negative feelings people sometime assign to themselves when they don't meet some goal.

When you are ready again:

Get in, or start a study group.
Listen to or make Audio Tapes.
Make flash cards.
Get a comprehensive study guide.
Go to an exam seminar.
Take a review class

Pass in light of yourself... You can make it happen.

When you get closer to taking the exam again, e-mail. Let me know you're ready and I'll put you back on for a ANOTHER SUBSCRIPTION for FREE... I want you pass. Your contribution to the field IS NEEDED..

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